"Uh Oh!"
— Percy as Gordon's soot covers James' coat of paint

James In Trouble / James in a Mess is an episode in Season 20


James is very proud of his bright red paint, and thinks his work is very important.

One day at Dryaw, Thomas forces James to take these trucks. James sees sootty, dirty and muddy trucks at a siding. He tells Thomas that the Trucks are stinky. He pulled them and got took them to Brendan Docks.

At the Docks, James meets up with Cranky. Cranky says that he can take cargo cars. James sees cars with smelly fish. He doesn't pull them. So Cranky laughs and says that he is just kidding. He tells James that he can pull some clean cars. James sees cars with brand new buffers. James thanks Cranky and is sent to The Windmill.

James collects the buffers to the Windmill. The Fat Controller thanks James for collecting the supplies and tells James that he is a really useful engine.

The next day, James sees Gordon at Maron. He bumps into a coal hopper and got coal on his funnell. He is dirty.

At the Sodor Shipping Company, James teases Cranky that he's the tallest crane on Sodor. Cranky lowers a truck of shiny soot on it and tells him that soot is clean.

At Knapford, James dropped the spot there. He met Thomas, Percy and Toby who suggest that he would take Thomas' trucks.

James collects Thomas' trucks to the docks. In Knapford, Thomas, Percy and Toby see James back. Suddenly, Gordon arrived and tells James "LOOK OUT!" But it's too late. James soot from Grodon's funnel.


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